algo ≘ algorithmic + lysis ≘ solutions


Livin' in a Digital World

We live, and function with the vision of an efficient, marvelous digital world in total harmony with humanity.


Algolysis Ltd. conducts cutting-edge research in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), specifically in topics related to Distributed Systems, Distributed Storage, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Sensor Networks and others. We devise robust and efficient algorithmic solutions for computationally challenging real-life problems. We always strive to build quality products and deliver innovative technical solutions to our customers and partners.

Our vision is to become a key player in the local and regional technology landscape, facilitate partners in overcoming their technical bottlenecks, and innovate in high-impact sectors. By harnessing the diverse expertise of its key scientists and engineers Algolysis can offer turnkey solutions to complex problems. Our philosophy is to identify and tackle the source of technical problems, rather than treating their side-effects.