PoultryFI Project

Project PoultryFI
Project Number CODEVELOP-ICT-HEALTH/0322/0061
Investigator(s) Dr. Efstathios Stavrakis (Coordinator)
Dr. Nicolas Nicolaou (Co-Investigator)
Funding Research and Innovation Foundation
Feb 2023 -  Jan 2025

URL https://projects.algolysis.com/poultryfi/
Status In progress

PoultryFI aims to advance the proof-of-concept technology for poultry farm monitoring previously developed by Algolysis Ltd (HO) by leveraging the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise of CYENS (Partner) in AgriTech to devise a next-generation affordable farm intelligence platform, composed of a combination of hardware and software. The predictive power of AI/ML will be strategically utilised to provide farmers with tools to better understand how environmental conditions in their farms are, as well as how their management of resources and everyday actions and decisions affect production quality, productivity and animal welfare. A key innovation this platform will bring about is the ability of governmental authorities to monitor, control and manage this agricultural sector more easily. This would result in a multitude of benefits for the government, the producers, the animals and consumers.