KeepA(n)I Project

Project KeepA(n)I
Project Number


Investigator(s) Dr. Nicolas Nicolaou (Co-Investigator)
Dr. Efstathios Stavrakis (Co-Investigator)
Funding Research and Innovation Foundation
Apr 2022 - Mar 2024
Status In progress

KeepA(n)I (pronounced “Keep an eye and/or Keep AI ”)  aspires to play a key role in aiding towards achieving Trustworthy AI, promoting a novel solution that will lay the groundwork for detecting bias in AI applications. The project considers high-risk applications of AI and aims at creating an active approach in detecting social stereotypes in the input and output of the AI application, as to inform the developer of the social behavior of the developed application.  Consortium partners will perform state-of-the-art research, positioning them at the forefront of the area of FAIR / Trustworthy AI, and addressing the challenges brought about by the “democratization of AI” within Europe.