NGIAtlantic Project

Project ARES-NGI
Project Number


Investigator(s) Dr. Nicolas Nicolaou (Project Coordinator)
Funding NGI Atlantic

Feb 2021 - Aug 2021

Type US Transatlantic collaboration
Status In progress

Distributed shared storage services (DSS), is the building block to yield complex, decentralized, cloud applications in emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, VR/AR), as they may offer a transparent cloud storage space where distributed applications can store, retrieve, and coordinate over shared data.The popularity of distributed shared storage services has increased recently, due to the emergence of powerful mobile devices and the need for immediate and reliable access to user data from multiple devices.

In this project, the EU- US team plans to run thorough experimental evaluations on the performance of a novel protocol ARES [1] , which implements an Atomic Distributed Shared Storage (ADSS) space over asynchronous, fail prone, message passing network nodes. Such services usually keep copies of the data in multiple network locations, we refer to as replica hosts or servers , to ensure data availability and survivability.