Algorithm Design

Algolysis has a strong background in algorithm design, testing and implementation across a diverse range of areas in Computer Science, and beyond. Armed with over 15 years of experience in scientific research, our senior algorithms engineers are always on the lookout for new challenges; irrespective of magnitude or difficulty. Algolysis' engineers are accomplished scientists with verifiable expertise through their peer reviewed scientific publications. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Distributed & Parallel Computing / Networks
Distributed Systems & Sensing

  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (e.g., Blockchains)
  • Fault-tolerant Computing
  • Distributed Storage Systems
  • Parallel Computation Speed-up
  • Wireless Sensor Networking (including underwater sensors)
  • Security of Embedded Devices and Distributed Systems

Computer Graphics / Computer Vision
Image Processing / Human-Computer Interaction

  • Computer Games
  • Data Visualization
  • Photorealistic & Non-Photorealistic Rendering
  • Stereo Vision & Rendering
  • Object extraction & tracking
  • Visual Perception / Eye-tracking

Software Development

Algolysis engineers are not just 'programmers'. Over the past 20 years we have become polyglots; able to design, implement and maintain complex software in over a dozen different programming languages. We love getting our hands dirty with code!

Our software development abilities range from low-level hardware and operating system programming, to high-level front-end GUI, and internet applications. We have developed software for voting machines, scientific cameras, eye-tracking, virtual reality and motion capture systems, smartphones,  network simulators, planetary scale real-time systems, and countless others hardware platforms! Be it a standalone or networked application; a system library or end-user application; a command-line utility or a real-time 3D graphics intensive application, we have you covered.

We author quality code and strive to always deliver highly efficient and robust software.

Custom Hardware Solutions

Algolysis has recently shifted its attention to custom hardware integration and design. We architect and build custom hardware, and software, to satisfy your niche application needs. Algolysis specializes in file storage systems, wireless sensor networks, as well as standalone imaging and sensing systems. Our approach is to provide low-cost solutions specifically for experimental and Proof-of-Concept projects. If you are faced with an expensive industrial choice or have a novel idea that no off-the-shelf system is suitable for, then do not hesitate to contact us.