Project Funding Agency: ANR (Agence nationale de la recherche)

Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Dance through Augmented Reality

This project’s vision is that the widespread availability of cultural content in digitized forms is a critical necessity for the preservation of the continuity of our heritage and identity as Europeans. In such a context, digitization and online availability of digitized cultural content, such as dancing, has always been a top-level priority for cultural preservation. Digital storage and manipulation of intangible forms of cultural assets, such as dance performances, offers a whole new range of opportunities in the educational context by allowing integration of our project outcomes with the large-scale online libraries (such as the EUROPEANA repository; the European digital platform for cultural heritage). This will allow not only potential storage of intangible assets, but it will also enable seamless integration with existing resources into frameworks that will be able to exploit the common knowledge representation schemes and be used to provide unprecedented amounts of digital cultural resources by means of recent and emerging technologies for new and exciting educational purposes.